Texas Video Depositions & Legal Video Services

Our innovative approach and our reliance on the latest technology have helped forge our legal videography reputation. We were the first to employ Picture-in-Picture (PIP) presentations allowing juries to view simultaneous scenes of witness testimonies and supporting documents. The visual impact on juries alone was enough to validate PIP's utilization and its emergence as a standard in the profession.

Our legal video production staff is well trained in all legal applications including video depositions, site inspections, product testing, accident reconstruction, and reality-based day in the life of segments. Our experience with high-end non-linear video editors ensures a premium value on all productions, especially our multimedia presentations.

Our reporting and video service is recognized as a national leader in the legal video deposition service field. From day-to-day operations to innovative firsts in the industry, our services have been sought after by major legal firms across the country. Our experience in legal video recording has also facilitated our standing as an important resource for others trying to establish court reporting and legal video companies. We've played a major role in the development of several such companies.

With legal video synchronization to ASCII transcripts, our service can help deliver your presentations with unparalleled clarity and impact. Random and immediate access to media clips, documents, side-by-side exhibit comparisons, image enlargements and a variety of annotation devices can have a significant impact, especially when needing to clarify ambiguities, or when trying to simplify complex issues. Our legal video recording services make a difference.

Video RecorderWe publish to DVD, and CD, utilizing VCD, Mpeg1 and Mpeg2 as standard formats. We also produce VHS, and SVHS tapes and can provide any format needed. Using our in-house facilities we can produce trial cuts, digitally edited clips for PowerPoint Presentations, and a variety of other media for use in trials, mediations, and video depositions.

Our Texas Legal Videography Services:

  • In-House Video Department
  • Certified Legal Specialists (CLVS) by the NCRA
  • Legal Video Depositions with PIP (PIP - Split Screen w/Visual Presenter)
  • Site Inspections
  • Day-in-the-Life Documentaries
  • Settlement Brochures
  • Trial Presentation w/Trial Director Software
  • Mediation Presentations
  • Animation and Graphic Design
  • Digital Video and Audio Editing
  • Digital Photography
  • MPEG Conversions
  • Legal Video and Audio Duplications
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Courtroom Video / Transcript Synchronization
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