Texas Videoconferencing

Texas Court Reporting Services can arrange a conference with two or more attendees for a two-way video communication as if you are in the same room. Video ConferencingVideoconferences enable live streaming video from the meeting or deposition location directly over the Internet to your desktop or laptop. There is no need for additional travel expense and wasted time in airports. We can save you and your firm valuable time and still be home with your family after working hours.

Many clients in our fast pace business world utilize videoconferencing for deposition, board meetings, firm or partner meetings and witness preparation. We can connect you for a face-to-face meeting using our state of the art videoconferencing systems without ever leaving your home town.

Call us for your next out of town meeting or deposition and we will gladly provide you with a convenient, comfortable and cost effect alternative approach to airports and long lines and most importantly, being away from your family.

Call our toll free number, 866.650.1800 or Contact Us via our online form to schedule your next out of town meeting without ever leaving for the airport.